“A line is a dot that went for a walk.” – Paul Klee

“Collage is looking and connecting those dots.” – Mimi

Summer is a time for change – for thinking of new ideas and dreaming in a hammock or on a sailboat in the Chesapeake. Sometimes I think I have a direct connection to the universe – for ideas just seem to fall from the sky. I get the best ideas when I walk – and maybe that is the connection. Yoga centers me, too.

These have been an amazing few years – and yes ! I do not update my website as often as I should – because I like making art ! this just takes time away from that. I have been creating many altered books, it’s sort of like an addiction – but in a good way. I work in series and page after page just feeds that.

I like to paint and write and draw and experiment – its all part of the art-making process. In October and November, 2017 my work was included in Yoko Ono’s “Peace is Power” Installation at MoMA in NYC.

I have been creating an altered book each month in 2017. Will start posting them shortly. In September, Paul Engleheart and I had an exhibit “Selective Visions” at Millersville University-Ware Center in downtown Lancaster. It was wonderful to see all the new work up on the walls.

In 2018 we will be doing quite a bit of traveling – our very favorite thing ! Antigua, Guatemala, and back up to Mexico City, museums and art, down to Puebla and staying in Oaxaca for our sabbatical–more new work…plus a new email <mimiartz2 @ gmail . com – take out the spaces–you know the drill. Stay in touch ! and enjoy this new year !