Dream Space Sleep

Geography of the imagination happens in dreams
Dream space sleep

there are places to travel and
so many ways to get there

a car or a staircase or to leap from the rooftops
for yes in dreams you can fly

from the top of a pillar or an escalator every ride can provide
a view from the future into the past and back again

a doll grows big and the image is reflected in the mirror
who is that man holding her

holding her foot – will he keep her here or let her fly
lights reflect on water – it is all upside down at night

flowers spill from the sky and thousands of stars
glow beneath her feet

who holds up this world and keeps it spinning
there is a faceless man in a hat just looking at her

inside outside the house is open to the hearth
open to the heart

reflections in pools and mysterious writing and
someone dances while musicians play

there is an acrobat inside the brain that can look
beyond time beyond reality to see what is real

there is an offering bowl and a lingering greek god
provides ideas for hope

in nakedness the door opens to blue light and
we walk into a jungle where its pure plant life

the sun types suggestions for shifting into change

behind a door the British Museum comes to life with
fragrance and light and ancestors

we run down these halls past columns through a fire
and out the other side to reality and we surf galaxies
a priest listens while a small girl sing the song of life
for here they know that children know truth

trip travel from here to dreams a lion lights the globe
and the world is all lights and flowers

our goddess awakens and emerges from a shell
while everyone watches the feminine

glows through her purple dreams

a map shows the mandala of her journey through the center
her hands waving and the tape of life unrolls

she becomes a butterfly reaching flying writing
the mannequin is dressed in candlelight and smiles

another god tosses flowers through the telephone
for we all know nothing is impossible in a dream

she is four goddesses today and she sips tea with the emperor
and time reflects in her eyes

nakedness is always a part of all the stories written
time is different in dream space sleep

we know that birds begin to awaken at dawn
from the start to the finish

the story seems to find its way – it goes from this to that
from what to how – to draw life and fill the pages

each page tells another fairytale about life

it’s knowing and not knowing – it’s trusting intuition
it’s play serious play that explores the psyche

and lets in whatever is out – its art and its not

it’s a thinking process it’s ideas just following
working one page one story at a time over and over

it’s sequence and believing that each life knows the answer
yes we are conduits to all these universal thoughts

the artist mind dream space sleep.

© Mimi Shapiro                                  June 2013

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