About Mimi

A graphic designer by training, Mimi is a collage artist that writes poetry and makes art. Somehow this is all connected between her right and left self. Her idea is to relax, change media and direction, trust the intuition, go out for a walk, do something else. Then ideas seemingly come together. The words in poems are much like collage elements in making art.

Open up, let go, move the paint on the page, add wax, scratch back into the page, erase that word and find another one, to let the whole process play out in the poem. 

Creativity requires something new – a different interpretation – a break from the twin opiates of habit and cliché. Writing poetry is always different riffs on familiar themes, an exploration of the whole process, feelings and ideas that others can relate with.

Mimi has written and designed six books of visual poems. Currently she is working on a new book, titled “Mixed Feelings.”

Mimi’s Resume